Lions are global minded men & women who donate their time & talent
for their community to make the world a better place to live

The Lions Speak-off is a public speaking program for students in Grades 9 to 12.  Students at schools and recognized youth organizations are eligible. Speeches are written and presented before judges.

Students get a valuable opportunity to develop some important skills as they compete. 

Objectives of the Program

To provide students from our communities an opportunity to:

  • Think about important current issues.
  • Organize, present and defend their thoughts and ideas.
  • Present these ideas publicly and effectively
  • Develop and practice effective public speaking skills
  • Build self confidence and enhance self image
  • Meet and interact with peers from other areas of the District

We believe that consistent application of the rules and regulations of the Speak-off will result in the strongest program possible. We ask that you, at the Local, Zone, Regional & District levels, to make every effort, where possible, to follow the guidelines set out.

Participation and growth are two main goals of our program.  As students prepare and practice for presentations, their personal speaking skills will improve.  Teaching the actual skills is basically the responsibility of the school system and/or youth organization.  Public speaking is a performance skill.  What we do is provide an opportunity and audience. This in turn leads to the growth in skills.


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